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ตำแหน่ง : Therapist (Clinic and Spa)
10 กรกฎาคม 2563
1 อัตรา
- Coordinate staff scheduling and maintain an efficient workflow process.
- Maintain good relationships and ensure satisfaction with the medical staff including the medical directors of the center
- Maintain Certifications, accreditations and licensures. This includes monitoring and assurance of staff and physician credentials.
- Monitor and assess department budget and productivity statistics.
- Anticipate public need for and plan pertinent patient and staff educational programs.
- Actively participate in Speaker’s Bureau and marketing promotions for the centers.
- Responsible for staff evaluations, reward and discipline actions, communication of appropriate information, and promote personal and professional growth of staff members.
- Field and resolve customer complaints, concerns, suggestions.
- Oversee competencies for all staff member.
- Develop and update Emergency Situation Manual, Department Policy and Procedure Manual.
- Look for opportunities for growth and extension of services. Promote the health and welfare of women of all life stages through education, support, and service

1. Education Minimum Bachelor’s Degree
2. Work experience minimum 2 Years in wellness center business
3. Excellent communication skills.
Experience working with skin care machinery such as . RF , IPL , jet peel , etc ..
4. Licensure, Registrations.
1. Licensure, Registrations
2. Able to travel abroad
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